Sunday, February 15, 2009

Scott Mardi Gras Parade!

This was our first parade of the carnival season... as you can see I do Mardi Gras solo due to the fact the hunting season is coming to a close. The kids and I try to go to as many parades as possible. Fun Fun 
Next weekend is the Carencro parade which is also allot of fun!

Me & My Valentine>>>>

My sweetie brought me out to eat for our big date. It is not to often that we sneak away just us two. We had boiled crabs and shrimp...yummmmmmmm

Before we left I took a bunch of pictures of us... Kinda hard to be in the pic & hold the camera. 

Valentines Day on Feb 13??

This year our house celebrated Valentines day on friday the 13th. I had a photo shoot to do saturday night... so we improvised. The kids each got arts and craft goodies a fuzzy friend and of course a little chocolate. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cute Quote!

"A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though she knows that you are slightly cracked!"

                     By: Bernard Meltzer

My Friend Thinks I am Creative..........

untitled.bmp.jpgThanks Monica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been working hard to update and change the look of my blog. Everyones blogs just all look so wonderful.  I am not all that computer savy so bare with me!        Yall girls are good. 

Thanks Monica!!!!!!

Sorry took me so long... First i had to figure this out... Still think I did it wrong. But thank you my friend for giving me this award. I am so honored.

2nd Tag... I'm still It

Here are the rules...

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Monica, Wendy, Michelle & Melissa 

6 Facts about me......

1. I have very compulsive obsessive tendencies... Such as never being able to leave my home with a dish in the sink , without the sink being DRY, beds all made , basically house needs to be spotless . I know this sounds silly and I was not always this way believe me ask my mom my room was always a disaster! I just have a need for things to be in order and organized. I LOVE and can't live without my pocket planner. And for someone who never wears a watch I am NEVER late... Usually 15 minutes early. If I say I will do something you better believe it!

2. Like Amy I also grew up in California. San Jose which is about an hour or so from San Francisco. We moved back to LA. when I was twelve. I much rather the slow friendly country life then that of the big city. 

3. I am a women of many hobbies ... Of course scrap-booking, gardening I have never met a flower I did not like, I always have a book going, can be found regularly at the gym, or in a boat or working in the oil-field side by side with my best friend (my hubby). Usually have a camera in hand wether it be for me, a friend, or a stranger just call me "Christie Cam."

4. I am a big-time animal lover... and have been known to bottle feed a wide array of critters. And go figure that my husband is one of the biggest hunter that south Louisiana has ever known! Back before all of our children were here I could be found in the fields with my man. My favorite part was getting me a big cup of coffee and sinking down in the back-seat to listen to the men talk and carry on and tell their stories! 

5. I love me some summer...... Would much rather be hot than cold... Weather wise that is . Winter is so limiting. Although my hubby would beg to differ.  

6. I ALWAY.... ALWAYS.... start my day off with at least six sneezes... Why??? Don't know it runs in the family.

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I only know 4 : Monica, Wendy, Michelle & Mellisa

Tag I'm It... Twice

Both tags are from Amy.

The first tag...

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Monica, Wendy, Michelle & Mellisa

This picture of our whole crew was taken at a Halloween party to celebrate the anniversary of some friends that got married a few years ago on October 31st. Every year they have a big bash at Poches Country Club which happens to be walking distance from our home. It is always fun to get us all dressed in costume. Looking at this picture it is hard to believe it is already February! 

Friday, February 6, 2009

Soccer Girl

This is my last soccer page for Raven till next season. I have a hard time doing one pagers so I will print some action shots (thanks J) to add for the second page. I scrapped at home so other than the cardstock and print(moxie) everything else came out of my stash. Black ghost flowers, red square transparency, journaling square, left over chipboard circle and i dont even know what to call my flower centers.... but old!

The Seas... With Nemo & Friends

This was another fun layout to work on. I used the glittery patterned  paper for my background. The stripe is cosmo cricket. For my title I had taken a picture @ the ride entrance then blew it up to an 8x10 and cut it out. All my nemo friends were printed off Disney clip art. I glued to a few sheets of card-stock to make them dimensional.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Test Track Take Two..............

I had to scrap these pictures of the girls  (& grown ups) acting silly.... I had no paper picked for this layout.... I was cropping @ a friends house mid week ... in my comfy clothes... oooh poor me... Well the moral to this story is the friend I mentioned above who I might add has quite a collection of goods if you know what I mean... Said "GO DIG" "HELP YOURSELF"...  So needless to say I found some paper that I thought was perfect. Cut some strips. I used a square punch and popped up all the squares for dimension. I used some left over fast passes as embelishments. Cut out mickey from a post card and my Disney on a dime layout was complete. I am having so much fun scrappin these Disney pictures. I know I will eventually get burnt but not any time soon.