Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Snow

As usual i was up starting my day with the same old routine... clothes put the coffee on etc. But then i looked outside and realized it was snowing and it was sticking! Usually 4:30 to 6:00 am is my quiet time before i wake the house...NOT TODAY I ran through the house hollering it's snowing. The kids flew out of bed even my sleepy head Rieli girl got up. They had so much fun playing and making snow men throwing snow and rolling snow. It wasn't to long before we came in because it was cold. Well most of us were ready to go in ... Raven made me dry her clothes had some hot chocolate  and was back out there making snow angels. She did not want to come in. School was cancelled for a SNOW DAY so we got to spend the whole day just being silly, playing games and staying warm ! I cant wait to scrap theses pics. 

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Disney ready or not here we come!

In three days we leave for Disney!!!!!! We are going with my Grandma & Grandpa, My Aunt and their kids.  I am just about packed and today i finished the last of seven autograph books, and two Disney albums that will be given to family as gifts on our trip. I started out only making 4 autograph books but i could not leave out the teenagers so i made them one to. The kids as well as us adults are so supper excited for our trip. I am sure i will take lots of pictures and have many layouts to do when I return. Everyone have a very merry CHRISTmas. 

Arbor Oaks Scrapbook Retreat House

If you look at the collage of pictures at the beginning of this post you would think that us 5 girls did not accomplish a thing.... ha... but as you can see we not only had a dream vacation with rest & relaxation we got some stuff done. This trip was .. How can I put other than just what I needed before the hustle and bustle of the holidays. The house we stayed @ was out of this world AWSOME! Deanna, Brandi & I stayed in the room with 3 beds so after calling it a night from scrappin we laid and talked laughed some snored and dozed off(ME) then pillows were thrown(@ me). We shopped of course at the local scrapbook store in Lake Charles ate many wonderful meals. Deanna's red beans and rice were delicious. Brandi made wonderful chicken caesar wraps and i brought along some good old gumbo. One night Heather and Amy made a midnight run to canes for nourishment. Oh & I think Brandy and i snuck off to a daiquiri shop only two blocks away for an adult beverage.... only one but a good one!  What a fun trip. Cant wait to do it again.