Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nite of Spooks

Us girls scrapped all day Wed and I had fun with the Pink Paisley Halloween line. The pictures are not the greatest much cuter in person. This year will be our second annual Halloween hay ride starting out at our home with fun and games and end back up here with food and more fun.....Sooooo I am sure there will be many pics.... trying to get a head start on the layouts... Eat your heart out Mozeleum! Just Picking .... Love Ya!

Happy Halloween......

This was a very easy and fast layout to do. I used the Fancy Pants Halloween line. On one of the coordinates was a sheet of journaling blocks..... sooooo.... I realized that they made a perfect wallet matt!  Hand cut a few embelly's added some goggly  eyes to the bats a little journal block and it was a done deal. Except of course to add a few pics.. Which we are sure to have many!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Yeahhhh.... Arkansas

Wow...... What a great trip! us girls and one stud pony! I have never laughed so hard in all of my life! To have a great family is luck (& I am very lucky), but to chose friends that make your life so fun in good times and bad is an awesome thing! To be together for this trip was like turning back the clock to the teenage days of laying in bed chatting laughing and just being silly. The stud in the pic is my grandfather who came along for the ride to see his son and cook for us every night. He gave the girls hell and they gave it right back.  I will post some other random pics from the trip. Hope you enjoy checking them out.

River Walk

The river walk in Shreveport is half way to Hot Springs. It is a great place to stop, shop and eat. And we did all three! Then back in the ride to watch chick flicks and burn up some highway!

Mule Ride

This was our mode of transportation down to the back 40 across the pond and through the field to my uncles house were our meals were prepared nightly. Jokes were told.... songs were sung and good times has!

Scrapbook Corner

Did we die and go to heaven or what????????? We found a store in Little Rock that was jam packed with scrapbook goodness!. We spent over an hour oooohhin and awwwin and of course buyin!

Very Hot Water..................

This water was so hot! You could not keep your toes in for more than a second.


The first evening there my Grandma had a fire going and we roasted our own hot dogs. then off to bed to rest for our big day of shopping.
We walked the beautiful down town area, and did the tourist stuff. Went in and out of many wonderful shops. Soaked our feet in the hot springs. the last pic is us at Star Trax Studio in down town hot springs, were we recorded a music video to Proud Mary by Tina Turner and our very own Jamie was on the mike.... And her trusty back up dancers! We will laugh at that video for years to come.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Paradise Found?????

Well actually not yet........ We leave for our vacation May of 2010 soooooo I started  a layout for our cruise I will add pics, a title and more embellishments once I take some pics!

Ride 2 Fun!

I wanted to do a Disney layout of all our transportation pics. So here it is......... 

Dad's Day Layout

Did not take many father's day pictures so I did not have a whole lot to work with. However I do like this simple page. The kids were not into having their pic taken... Can you tell?