Saturday, January 31, 2009

Could it BE.... A one pager ??????

Well of course it is. Every book needs a first page haha. Every one that knows me ... knows I have a hard time putting one page layouts anywhere other than the first page. I need both pages side by side to match thats just one of my compulsive tendencies. But I have to admit this one pager was allot easier and was kinda fun. There was no worrying  if both pages flow etc. All that was used was a print background, transparency that I cut up, a journaling card stuck behind pic,brads, ribbon and a short sweet and to the point title that I left naked!

Test Track

I picked paper for this layout last week and finally got to work on it last night. I was happy with the way it turned out. Love all the color & dimension. I tried to take a picture to show the arrows and street signs are all popped up. How can anything Disney not be GREAT! Paper is from T.M. & chipboard arrows are from my evergrowing stash..... stay tuned for more. 

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Diggin the Dinos

My man & I posing with the BONES @ Animal Kingdom! Simple layout using all my old jumbled up letters that I crackle painted and wrapped with wire. Space was an issue at first cause i only had two pics... so i solved that problem with some paper layering and journaling strips.  Flat & to the point.

Bringing Paper Piecing BACK!!

I thought it would be cool to recreate the logo outside of the Dinosaur ride. So i layered different cardstock glued to chipboard inked and distressed. And topped it off with a dino head i cut out of my park map.  

Dinorama In Dinoland

Don't you just LOVE it when you find the perfect paper to match your pictures!!!!????!!!! Makes you feel like the paper was made just for you??? Well that is how i felt when I located this.... I loved how the fence in the big pic matched the stripped paper so well!!! It made everything else easy. I am on a roll only 999 more Disney pics to go...............................................................................................

Disney... We have a problem

I got many compliments from this layout that I think is very plain ... The chipboard shapes were in a pack found @ Treasured Memories. I covered them with paper, sanded the edges and that is about it. Thanks Jamie Loo for picking my paper. I cant wait to see your layout!!

The Genie & Abu

Here is another Disney layout. I was told I had to make a genie bottle for this layout by a nice lady hehe.... So the very challenged not to be outdone person that I am went home with a mission. Looked up Genie bottles got a very small picture. Then drew and hand cut one out of chipboard. I painted it and stickled it and was pretty happy with my work. I used little yellow bicycle paper and hand cut all the swirls to look like smoke. This was a fun layout to do!

Ticket To Terror

This was a very cool but TERRIFYING ride that my family all loved except for my chicken hubby who opted to pass. It was hard to pick paper for this layout because of the colors... Most of the papers that went really well were all too girly and not scary!  After much searching this is what i came up with.. And my friend (M.D.) gave me some cool transparent tickets that ended up being used as part of my title. This paper was found in the Thanksgiving section @ T.M. 

Stitch's Great Escape

This was the very first attraction we did @ the Disney's Very Merry Christmas  Party in Magic Kingdom... Stitch popped up and spit in my hubby's face. It was too funny. And it just so happened that this was my very first layout of Disney.  Since this layout I have definitely not gone in any order. I have been having a ball scrappin our trip.  Many more layouts to come

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chef Mickey

I have not been able to scrap any Disney so I am settling for updating my blog with pics. We all went eat at Chef Mickey's and had a ball. The kids enjoyed it very much. The characters were so cute. Our favorite was Miney... she was so girly. Too much fun. I have so many great pictures i dont even know where to start. Any tips??? 

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Animal Kingdom

Wow...what a vacation! We had so much fun that it is hard to put into words the feeling of seeing the look on your children's faces when they experience the magic of Disney. The great effort put into making everything so real is even better than i remembered as a child. Animal kingdom was our families favorite park of all. We spent two days there and did and seen all. Expedition everest was the best roller coaster ever! The safari was out of this world...we thought we were in africa... Loved all the animals & the scenery and landscaping was just breath taking.  Tyler & Raven got special attention with their It's my birthday pins, and they learned many neat facts on Rafiki's island. Oh let me not forget that my hubby also enjoyed his picture with "Pocahantas" pssst...guesss what momma got a little action as well when she got a picture with Prince Caspian & Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty & Belle. I will post more pics soon. I only took 900 so check back. Layouts should be pumping out shortly as well. Come on creativity!!