Monday, April 20, 2009

Miracles Do Happen!

Many of you have heard me talk about my aunt Suzie. She was diagnosed last May with A-plastic anemia which really turned out to be Leukemia six months later. She was then given a seven day round the clock dose of chemotherapy. By then she was very weak and due to a suppressed immune system had contracted an infection in her blood and a mass on her lung that the Dr.s believed was fungal. Her very low platelet count made it impossible to get a good sample of the mass. While waiting for her donor white cells and her own cells to kick in along with the many transfusions of blood and platelets she ends up in I.C.U. Wednesday we were told that it was only a matter of time before her heart gave out. She was moved out of I.C.U. to be in a room were her family could be with her till the end. Then on Saturday morning she got her MIRACLE! One of her many doctors came in and gave us the news that they were finally able to put a name to  her infection which was the same bacteria that was on her lung. It is rare and slow growing and is usually seen in aids patients. He is very optimistic that with a twice a day dose of antibiotics it will start to clear the infection, her fevers will subside, and her own immune system will kick in and her heart rate will return to normal as she starts to move around. Saturday evening she was given her first pill, by sunday her white cell count was up to 300 from 0 and as of today it was over 500!!!! She seems to be doing better each day. 
So with all that said..... I want to thank everyone for their prayers... keep it up they are working! I want to add that I have some of the most wonderful friends in the world. Over this past year I was blessed with the chance to bring Suzie to her appointments or the sometimes not so nice job of rushing her to the hospital. But through it all my girls were just a phone call away! Thanks for your support, answers to all my medical questions even though I did not like some of them. And you guys never thought twice to offer help with the kids on the many times I was called to be by her side. Family and friends are special... cherish each day!   

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

T-Ball Babe

I could not resist posting this picture of our T-ball Babe! Last night she played her third game and she is getting better all the time. Her position is first base but she moved to the pitchers mound last night. It was so windy but they played well. ( I watched from my car...tooo cold for this old sicko) Got some cool T-ball stuff @ scrapfest that i cant wait to use. Keep posted ...I may update again in the next few months.haha

Surrounded By Talent!

To be in a room with over 300 scrapbookers..... to enter a layout contest with over 60 enteries...

And our table "Camp Lose A Lot" took all three winning spots...WOW when you are good you are good! 
*********************** Jamie Monlezun**************************************
***********************Paula   Arabie*************************************
***********************Franny Bobbit ****************************************

psst... That's my girls..... "Even though yall knocked me off  my winning streak!"hehehe

More Scrapfest Layouts

Here are the rest of my Scrapfest layouts. As I said in my previous post we all worked together from the same sketch with the same paper and pics but all put our own touch on each of our layouts. Working together we were able to finish a whole book. well over 20 pages. With all that said was their any time for fun??????? Oh we had our share of fun that is with out a doubt! Good friends, Great Times & Memories to show for it! Time well spent. 

Scrapfest Layouts

I have not updated in so long I think my blog is mad at me. I am having trouble uploading my layouts. Any Hoo .... These are some of the layouts I did at Scrapfest. The first two days Deanna, Jamie, Brandy and I all worked together to scrap all of our Mardi Gras & St Patricks day pictures. Then we all did our own thing. Just before I left for s.f. the girls got their class pics in so I dug through my left over school stuff and was able to pump out these two simple l.o.
I did a couple of one pagers. Love the new hunting velvet paper. (Thanks Amy for the little golden deer on my title!) I love saving v-day cards for their layouts... And last our field trip to see Slim Goodbody.