Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Snow

As usual i was up starting my day with the same old routine... clothes put the coffee on etc. But then i looked outside and realized it was snowing and it was sticking! Usually 4:30 to 6:00 am is my quiet time before i wake the house...NOT TODAY I ran through the house hollering it's snowing. The kids flew out of bed even my sleepy head Rieli girl got up. They had so much fun playing and making snow men throwing snow and rolling snow. It wasn't to long before we came in because it was cold. Well most of us were ready to go in ... Raven made me dry her clothes had some hot chocolate  and was back out there making snow angels. She did not want to come in. School was cancelled for a SNOW DAY so we got to spend the whole day just being silly, playing games and staying warm ! I cant wait to scrap theses pics. 


Wendy said...

awesome pics. hey, i hear you left for your trip you lucky duck. hope you think about me while visiting the mouse!