Monday, October 19, 2009

Tyler goes to high school!

Well if you are a parent of a teen.... boy... you know that it gets harder and harder to photograph them. I did manage to get a smile..... The color in this picture is a little blah. Looks better in person. I used the boyfriend line by  cosmo cricket!


Tina said...

He's going to be driving that truck instead of washing it.

christie Trahan said...

He already

Amy Muffoletto said...

That is a great layout....I think you need to stop with the catch up speech on facebook....I need to steal some of that time you keep finding....I have 3 empty books waiting for layouts of Jacob, Jesse and Jaxon and About 5 books waiting for layouts of Alex....Huge boxes of picture saying "put me on a page"....I gotta get some me scrappin' done. Hugs girl. Love your layout. I know the feeling of having a teenager...only I have a girl.